Communicate in Spanish - but how?

Some ideas to help you learn and speak Spanish better

Learn Spanish and enjoy communicating in the new language. How can you accomplish that? After 30 years of teaching experience, these are my recommendations:

  1. Plan ahead and reserve three hours per week to learn Spanish. In other words, try to work regularly and not only when you feel like studying.
  2. Do some research and find the right materials for you. However, if you are overwhelmed by the amount of options, it can be better to ask me or another teacher.
  3. Learn Spanish the right way. Above all, use the grammar and vocabulary you are learning. For example, here you can download a practical lesson on the verb To Have.
  4. If possible, even the listening has to be practical, active. For instance, here you have the podcast episode that goes along with the lesson on the verb To Have.
  5. Play with the language, use it, speak in Spanish with other people. That is to say, your goal is not just to study Spanish, your goal is to speak in Spanish, to communicate.

Learn Spanish with my Podcasts

Master Spanish with my podcasts


My podcasts Spanish for Beginners and Spanish for Beginners Easy are meant to help you listen in an active way. Consequently, while you are listening you have to repeat, to answer and to translate real, authentic, and practical phrases. I want you to concentrate on the lesson. Therefore, the audios are for free and with zero advertising.


The documents that accompany each lesson will help you reinforce and put into practise what you have learned in each episode or lesson. In additions, the exercises come with the keys, so you can check if you have really learnt or not. Moreover, we do some of the exercises on the podcast episode too.

Online Classes

In the same vein, my online classes are practical and my goal is to help you speak in Spanish. Therefore, I use a lot of questions and answers while I teach. Further, you have the specific information on this page: Online Spanish Classses. If you work with the documents, we can meet and practice what you have learnt. In conclusion, you will make progress at your own pace.

On my Facebook page you will find regularly posted grammatical and vocabulary points. If you can share, follow and write a positive review on Facebook, I would be grateful.