About Me

My name is Pedro Fernández Fanjul, and I am the author of the Spanish for Beginners Podcast series. In the last thirty years I have been teaching Spanish and Latin in different schools and in three different countries. As a result, I believe that you too can learn to speak in Spanish and at the same time to enjoy communicating in this beautiful language. 

I was born in Asturias, Spain, and I lived in Madrid and in Valladolid. At university there I studied Classical Languages and also Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. After teaching several years in Spain, in 1999 I moved to the USA where I taught Spanish and Latin. Because of family reasons in 2014 I moved to Austria, where I decided to start my own teaching company.

Besides teaching in three different countries, I have had students from ages six to eighty-five. Therefore, I truly believe that everybody will succeed learning Spanish, no matter how old he or she is. However, it is also good to ask ourselves: What is the fastest and most enjoyable way of learning? In other words, the question is: How can I learn Spanish?

How can I learn Spanish? Spanish for Beginners is only a starting point, not the end.

As I have taught thousands of students, I have seen different learning approaches. However, the best approach is the one of the student who is convinced that learning is possible. Of course, it takes some effort, but the reward is enormous. Since motivation and a good plan are the best tools, please make sure you ask yourself why you are learning and how you want to learn. Once you have the answers, you are ready to make progress.  If you need help finding the answers, please email me and I will be happy to help.

As you probably know, at the beginning of the journey we have to be patient and set specific goals. Then we can use the materials to produce more complicated sentences. In my opinion, it is important to have conversations from the beginning, to ask and to answer questions. Because of that, it is good to find a good teacher who will help you communicate. Here you have an episode of my podcast about how to ask questions.

How do I use the Spanish for Beginners Podcast series?

If you would like to follow my advice, begin with the Spanish for Beginners Podcast and you will make progress quickly! If you see that you need to practice more, please use at the same time the Spanish for Beginners Easy. I look forward to helping you communicate in this beautiful language. Please, do not hesitate to write me an email and ask any questions you may have. Obviously, you can ask me in Spanish too. As you know, the sooner you begin using the language, the faster you will learn it.