Exercises to Improve Your Spanish


There are many platforms where you can do quick -and easy to forget- exercises. What I offer here is meant for students who really want to learn.

Important steps or my opinion on how to learn more efficiently while doing the Spanish exercises:

1. Write on a piece of paper your answers and the words that you do not understand. Use a pen or a pencil. Yes, it is important to handwrite your answers. It helps remember the words. 

2. Highlight the answers that are wrong and look up the words that you did not understand. Go to the corresponding lesson of the Podcast Spanish for Beginners Pedro. After the correct answers of each exercise, I have written the episode or lesson where you can find the theory and more similar exercises.

3. Make a list of the new words or forms that you have learnt. 

4. Study the list: read it, write down the difficult forms, say them aloud, use them in writing and when you speak in Spanish. Use the Podcast Spanish for Beginners Easy to practise with questions and answers.

5. Let some days go by and do the exercise again. See if you have learnt the words and the forms.

6. Repeat the process until you have mastered the new words.

7. Try to use in your Spanish class the new material.

8. Make a list of the exercises you have done. I will add new exercises periodically. Go back from time to time and do the exercises again. We all tend to forget the basics. If you would like to hear some short stories with grammar and vocabulary in context, try the Podcast Español en español.

If you have any questions, please let me know: spanishwithpedro@gmail.com