34. Expressing obligation in Spanish / Expresando obligación en español

     Learning Spanish means not only doing exercises, but also using the language in context. Expressing obligation in Spanish is relatively easy, but we need to learn and to practise more than one way of doing it. Because of that, I recommend that you listen first to two podcast episodes: 21. At the Doctor´s and 34. How to express obligation

Traduce estas oraciones

a) I should listen to music more often.

b) We have to travel by plane.

c) One has to follow directions.

d) My sister must pass the exam.

e) My friend and I have to work together.

f) I should think about that.

g) You have to do more exercises.

h) One has to enjoy life a lot.

i) We should go and have fun.

j) I must do that.

Respuestas correctas

Gramática y ejercicios similares: lecciones 21 y 34 del Podcast Spanish for Beginners Pedro: PDFs  / Audios

How do I connect the grammar with the actual communication in Spanish? Is Expressing Obligation in Spanish just an exercise?

Expressing obligation in Spanish

     Some people see the grammar as a bridge that connects the theory with the practise. Actually the grammar in itself is already practise. Because of that we need to learn grammar in context, with sentences. That is precisely the philosophy behind these exercises on expressing obligation in Spanish. Do the sentences and try to use them in your communication in Spanish. However, if it is difficult and you keep making mistakes, do not worry. Just go back to the audio podcasts, work with the PDFs of the chapter, and then come back here and do this exercise again. Everybody needs to rewiew the basic structures of the language. In conclusion, use this exercise as a way of making sure you have mastered a grammar point in context.