Force yourself to speak Spanish better!

The Commonsense Strategy to improve my spoken Spanish

How do I take advantage of the Commonsense Strategy? 4 Recordings – 4 Weeks

Please follow the 7 steps carefully:

1. I, the student, read one of the stories from the book “Spanish for Frustrated Students”.


2. I write a summary in my own words.

3. I carefully read the vocabulary and grammar explanations. I take notes of what I find most interesting. I must write down at least five points that I am going to use in the next step.

4. I correct my summary using the annotations and I also change what I think is wrong or too simple.

5. I prepare an oral presentation. For the first drafts I can use my notes, but after practicing several times I’ll be able to speak for two minutes without (almost) using my notes.

6. I record my presentation in an audio file, and I listen to it several times. I take notes to correct what I think is wrong. I prepare the final version of my recording and I send it to the teacher.

It is very easy to record your presentation with your cell-phone or with a computer. Please ask me if you do not know how to do it. No special application is needed.

Where do you send your audio file? WhatsApp +43 650 2207179

7. Within a week the teacher sends me an audio file with the comments. I write down the comments. Those corrections or ideas will help me in my next recording, and, above all, they will help me speak much better in Spanish.

Important note: the recording should not last more than 2 minutes and you have to wait for the teacher to send you the corrections before preparing the next recording. The program is meant to be used on sets of 4 recordings, which will take 4 weeks to complete.

How much does it cost to participate?

1. The book “Spanish for Frustrated Students” costs between 9 and 12 $-€


2. As for the recordings, I offer two options:

4 recordings: 49.99€ In order to pay, please click here.

1 recording: 16.99€ In order to pay, please click here.


Where do I purchase the book? HERE

Where do I pay for the recordings? HERE

How do I contact the teacher or where do I send my audio file?