Free Spanish Exercises

7. El verbo ir: El Futuro

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Traduce estas oraciones

a) We are going to travel by train because the plane is too expensive.

b) My sisters are going to work in a hotel.

c) You and I are going to talk and solve this issue. Is that OK?

d) Your wife has a lot of patience. She is going to help her neighbor again.

e) You all are going to need a lot of books. We are going to buy some of them.

f) I am going to tell you something. Are you going to listen to me?

g) If the teacher is going to explain something, we are going to pay attention.

h) Who is going to buy that car?

i) I am going to spend time with my aunt and my uncle. They are wonderful people.

j) My sister is going to cook, my parents are going to cut the grass, and I am going to memorize the Spanish verbs.

Respuestas correctas

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