How to pronounce Spanish correctly

38. Cómo pronunciar español correctamente

Contrary to what some people may believe, all the Spanish speakers pronounce Spanish with some small differences, but with a huge amount of common characteristics. In order to know how to pronounce Spanish correctly, I have come up with seven ideas that my students have found very useful. You can hear these ideas here: Episodio 38 Podcast Beginners Pedro. If you follow the rules, you will be able to speak Spanish in a way that all the native Spanish speakers in the world will understand you.

Ejercicio de pronunciación

If you listen to a Spanish speaker, you will notice that the vowels are pronounced very clearly. This exercise is about the clear pronunciation of the vowels. Please read aloud the following words and then check with the audio. After that, if you really want to know how to pronounce Spanish correctly, do the exercise at least five more times.

a: casa – Marta – pasar

e: beber – tener – deber

i: mini – vivir – dividir

o: oso – poco – rojo

u: gurú – Burundi – tumulto

Aquí puedes encontrar la pronunciación de esas palabras, que forma parte de la idea 2 del Episodio 38:

Respuestas correctas

Gramática y ejercicios similares: lección 38 del Podcast Spanish for Beginners Pedro: PDFs  / Audios