Shopping Vocabulary in Spanish

41. En la tienda: expresiones útiles / At the Store: Useful Expressions

In my podcast Spanish for Beginners Pedro you will find a lot of sentences with vocabulary about shopping. Episode 41 includes vocabulary, sentences, and exercises with the correct answers. Here we are doing part of the vocabulary. Please use the listening and the PDF 41 to do the whole chapter Shopping Vocabulary in Spanish.

How do you say the following words in Spanish? Shopping Vocabulary in Spanish

a) sales:

b) size:

c) to return:

d) tight:

e) sales-person:

f) to try on:

g) with cash:

h) with a debit card:

i) It fits very well:

j) It does not fit:

Respuestas correctas

Gramática y ejercicios similares: lección 41 del Podcast Spanish for Beginners Pedro: PDFs  / Audios