Spanish Commands

45. Imperativo con tú

PDF      Lección 45 del Podcast Spanish for Beginners Pedro

Traduce estas oraciones y usa la forma con tú del Imperativo

a) If you see my sister, please tell her that I have her book.

b) Do you see those chairs? Please put them over there. Thank you.

c) If you find my cellphone, please bring it here.

d) If you have not done your homework, please do it now.

e) Please, come here and tell me the whole story.

f) Please, get up and take the dog for a walk.

g) Please, send the flowers to our neighbour. Cut them a little bit first, please.

h) Please, play with the children while I am cooking.

i) Have you cleaned your room? Please do it now.

j) – What should I do with the shoes? – Take them to the trashcan!

Respuestas correctas

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