Spanish Exercises Ser Estar

15. a. Ser vs estar

This is one of the most challenging aspects of the Spanish language. Spanish Exercises Ser Estar will help you see in a practical way the difference between these two verbs. Do the exercises and make sure you also use the right ending. If you make some mistakes, review the grammar, let some days go by, and do the exercises again.

Spanish Exercises ser estar

Rellena los huecos con una forma del verbo ser o estar. Fill in the blanks with the right form of ser or estar.

a) Yo ___________________ contento porque tú ___________________ aquí.

b) ¿Dónde ___________________ tus padres ahora, en Madrid o en Sevilla?

c) Mi profesora de matemáticas y su familia ___________________ ahora en Florida de vacaciones.

d) Mis amigos y yo ___________________ inteligentes y normalmente ___________________ contentos.

e) Yo ___________________ más tranquilo que mi hermanas, pero ellas ___________________ más inteligentes.

f) Carlos y Diana ___________________ muy elegantes esta noche. Normalmente no ___________________ gente elegante.

g) El partido de baloncesto va a ___________________ dentro porque está lloviendo.

h) ¿Por qué ___________________ (tú) tan cansado? No lo entiendo, ___________________ una persona muy deportista.

i) Si Simone y Uwe ___________________ de Alemania, entonces seguro que ___________________ muy ordenados. 

j) El examen ___________________ en la biblioteca porque se pueden consultar los libros allí.

Spanish Exercises Ser Estar Respuestas correctas

Gramática y ejercicios similares: lección 15 del Podcast Spanish for Beginners Pedro: PDFs  / Audios

Now you are ready to go to the next exercise: Ser – Estar – Hay. Try always to do some new exercises and, at the same time, review the ones that are more difficult for you. Please do not forget that to work three times a week for 45 minutes is much more effective than doing 20 exercises once every other week. It is also very helpful to write down your answers. The students who learn faster are the ones who also try to write down complete sentences. The brain needs to develop a habit of producing complete sentences. Do not hesitate to write even easy sentences. It is always not only motivating but also extremely useful to see that you can communicate in Spanish.